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Noreen Hussain - visit to South Africa

Noreen Hussain is an Active Citizen from Keighley, UK, who took part in the exchange visit to South Africa in March 2010. Here are a few snapshots of her experience. She works with a range of diverse communities providing links and access to mainstream services. Recently she has been working with the National Health Service (NHS) to help address and reduce health problems relating to some of the most deprived areas of the UK. She also works with local groups that enable women and young people learn and develop useful skills, and in addition she helps charities fundraise for local and national, international causes. "The exchange hugely benefited me in helping me understand issues of inequality in depth. It demonstrated to me how well people can work together in times of need and how they're able to utilise whatever resources are available. Through my photos I can share these experiences and hope that others can visualise the challenges people in South Africa face, how they overcome them with very little, and how we can learn from others," explains Noreen.

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